Who invented Patakara

This amazing trainer was invented by Dr. Akihiro Yoshiaki, professor of medical and dental college in Tokyo and the owner of a private clinic. Once, a patient came to him who was suffering from face paralysis after a previous blood stroke. Due to the trauma, he could hardly articulate certain syllables because of a slack and hypotonic orbicular muscle of the lips and other facial muscles. The doctor decided to help him and invented the trainer whose primary purpose and the key function were working and training. The prototype of Patakara was a dental device. Sensei Yoshiaki created some samples and distributed them among the volunteers with similar issue so they could test it.



The magic story behind the Patakara trainer


«This inspiring idea came up on an ordinary day, in a dental clinic. A patient who had previously suffered a stroke wanted to know whether there was a way to improve his facial paralysis. By that time, he had already undergone a six-month rehabilitation program. Unfortunately, his mouth has not completely recovered the normal state, and the patient decided to ask his dentist for help. The dentist was me.


Since I am a dentist, blood strokes and neurology are beyond my competence. As I was looking for a solution to the patient’s problem, an excellent idea came into my mind: I could try using my new mouth cavity inspection device to create the open-close effect. By stretching the orbicular muscle of the mouth and the facial muscles, we were able to see amazing results.


Before this happened, I had been just an unknown dentist, but after this patient’s visit and the use of the mouth expander, I unexpectedly discovered new opportunities to improve the oral cavity health. Since that day, I launched a research on the interconnection between the mouth and the other parts of the body. I have encountered many failures and problems, and was going to give up; however, I still decided to persistently continue my investigation, for the purpose of human health improvement and disease prevention. Ultimately, this led to the development of Patakara. The thing you are now holding in your hands is a result of an unexpected discovery and infinite passion toward the patients’ health problem solution”.


Dr. Akihiro Yoshiaki, the inventor of Patakara.

After a while, the patients and the inventor himself were surprised with Patakara side effects: not only the articulation, but also the overall appearance improved. The tests showed that, by means of short exercises with the trainer, not only some malformations and trauma effects are improved, but the mouth muscle gets stronger, and facial muscles are trained. As soon as after one month of use, facial features become clearer and more expressive – the face becomes lifted, symmetrical, and the skin gains elasticity and freshness.


Doctor Akihiro Yoshiaki has started serious work to upgrade the invention and investigate its results. 15 years have passed between the invention of the prototype and the release of the latest trainer model. For ten years, sensei Yoshiaki and his team have been conducting scientific and medical research, recording the findings and searching for new ways to help people.


The researchers who worked at senior care homes came to the conclusion that Patakara trainings improve the overall brain condition and discovered its full potential as an appropriate therapy for the treatment of diseases typical in the senior age group, such as senility, Alzheimer, Parkinson syndromes, etc.


At the same time, children with Down syndrome were researched. Due to chromosomal abnormalities, such patients have a lower cognitive development level compared to other children of the same age. Daily stimulation of the facial nerve and of a group of muscles connected therewith using the Patakara trainer led the doctor to the conclusion that “even with a genetic disease, if this helps to form new biological compensation systems and to restore the signal transmission by continuous stimulation, it is possible to give a boost to the intellect development”. After six months of training, kids with Down syndrome were tested intellectually. They showed positive dynamics with regular use of the trainer.


Professor Shinichi Kita, a maxillofacial surgery expert with Asahikawa medical university, uses Patakara to treat patients with TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) arthritis; in his practice, Patakara is beneficial for 80% of his patients. Professor Kita believes that daily training corrects the imbalance of facial muscles, improves the vegetative nervous system, relieves the bruxism, and cures the TMJ arthritis.


Positive results have been obtained in investigation of patients suffering from nasal breathing, snoring, offensive breath odor, mouth dryness, and nocturnal breath holding, up to complete elimination of sleep apnea. The use of Patakara helps to recover the tone of both superficial and underlying muscles of face and neck. Facial muscles overlap and interlink with one another, being directly or indirectly connected to the orbicular muscle of the mouth. Thus, along with the facial muscles stretching, normal position of the tongue is recovered. Strengthened muscles ensure the nasal breathing which favors positive changes in your body; problems of mouth breathing are eliminated, too.


Doctor Akihiro Yoshiaki has borrowed the idea of the trainer’s name from Japanese speech therapists. The speech gymnastics used in the patients’ rehabilitation contains exercises for articulation of PAPA-TATA-KAKA-RARA syllables. The doctor has abbreviated these elements and obtained the amazing name of PATAKARA. Nowadays, doctor Yoshiaki is retired, but still participates in further research and distribution of the trainer in Japan.


Statistically, 5000 clinics in Japan use the Patakara method to treat maxillofacial defects, speech disorders, and quick recovery after a surgical intervention. In Europe, the trainer is also gradually gaining popularity.


The rumor about magic capabilities of Patakara spread all around Japan. Japanese women have at all times sought after eternal youth, that’s why they have welcomed the trainer as a tool to enhance and maintain their beauty. Many examples of admirable metamorphoses in Patakara users are known, regardless of their age.


Hundreds of thousands of women around the world have discovered Patakara exercises and do them with great success for non-surgical, natural face lifting and rejuvenation. Start working to be your best self, and the first results will motivate you to train further and look even better. Join us right now!













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