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What is Patakara

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What is Patakara

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What is Patakara

Patakara is a scientifically substantiated method which brings back the beauty lost over the years and retains youth.

What is Patakara

Fifty-seven muscles make our face unique. Its shape and appearance depend directly on the tone of the facial muscles. Therefore, like the rest of the body, the face also needs movement and training. But finding a way to treat each facial muscle individually is not easy. So we need to do it in a conscious and comprehensive way.


Over time, the facial muscles are exposed to the loss of their natural tone and their connection with the brain, which leads to deterioration of blood and lymphatic circulation, appearance of wrinkles and lines, loss of symmetry and changes in the contour of the face.


But muscles are ageless. Our body is designed with the ability to rehabilitate itself at any age. It is in our hands to return the facial muscles to their normal tone, reestablish their neuromuscular connection and achieve changes in our appearance by performing specific exercises for the face and neck. And we can successfully achieve this with the help of Patakara, the amazing and extraordinary invention of Japanese doctor Akihiro Yoshiaki.


Patakara is a training device specially designed for natural toning of face and neck muscles, a universally used liptrainer that helps achieve aesthetic changes without the need for any invasive intervention. Its principle is quite simple: Patakara restores the tone and balance of our facial muscles and, with it, recover the elasticity, flexibility and smoothness of our skin. This easy-to-use small trainer requires little time and effort, and the result exceeds all expectations, regardless of your age: good health, cosmetic effect and cheerful mood in only fifteen minutes a day.


First changes are achieved in three weeks of training. In two months, the results are noticeable, and in four months, your lady friends will ask you what the secret of your magic transformation is. The skin will stop its withering process for years and and your face return to look more youthful and healthy.


Patakara is a safe, effective and painless method that fights against the causes of facial aging and offers stable and long-lasting results, comparable to surgical methods and without any of their drawbacks.


Feeling good is easy if you know how.

Patakara es un innovador conjunto de accesorios especialmente desarrollados que sirve para entrenar los músculos faciales.

In our young days, as with the skin on the rest of the body, healthy facial skin looks fresh, elastic and toned because the facial muscles have their normal tone, as determined by nature: the muscles fibers have volume, stretch uniformly, contract and relax in a balanced way... and the neuromuscular connection remains in good condition, that is, our nervous system is still aware of each and every one of our muscles.


With increasing age, depending on the workload, facial expressions and facial structure, some muscles lose their normotonus and the neuromuscular pattern changes. As a result, facial features gradually begin to blur: the cheeks droop, a double chin forms, the corners of the lips and eyes downturn... and several more aesthetic problems appear such as wrinkles, folds, edema and skin spots. In addition, over time, the metabolism slows down, the endocrine system is altered and, one after another, the traces left by stress, diseases and the most negative emotions become visible. Our face begins begins to get older quickly.


Restoration of muscle normotonus


Using the Patakara facial trainer, we consciously manage to control, reactivate and maintain good muscle tone: we strengthen and stretch the facial muscles, reestablish their neuromuscular connections and, finally, rehabilitate their elasticity and physiological length. Since the facial muscles are directly or indirectly connected to the orbicularis oris muscle (with which they form a strong structure) and since Patakara is specially designed to work with it, the entire facial musculature is integrally involved in the process of muscle tone reactivation. The skin, closely linked to the facial muscles (mimic muscles), follows their movements and responds to their states. As a consequence of the reactivation of the tone and balance of the facial muscles, the skin recovers its elasticity, plasticity and smoothness. All this explains the rapid effect of training with Patakara. This revitalization requires little time and effort, and the result exceeds all expectations, regardless of your age.


The healthy and aesthetic results of Patakara appear from the bottom up: facial contours and chin first, then mouth, nose, cheekbones, eyelids and forehead... Furthermore, since blood and lymphatic flows are conditioned by the state of the muscles, when good muscle tone is recovered, blood and lymph circulate again, nourishing and cleansing the tissues: this is how we restore skin to a careful and healthy state and improve brain condition and performance.


Right now, the Patakara facial trainer is practically the only method in the world capable of restoring the natural tone of the muscles of the face and neck naturally, without unnecessary surgical interventions.


As it is faster and easier to prevent defects that have already appeared than to correct them, it is recommended to start Patakara training as early as possible. The first changes can be noticed after the first three weeks. Visible results are achieved after two or three months of daily exercise. The first months it is practiced regularly and with discipline for about 15-20 minutes a day: 4-5 daily sessions of about 3-4 minutes each. Afterwards, a maintenance regimen of about 2 or 3 sessions per day can be followed.


The studies carried out on Patakara have shown the effect that repetition of training has on the results:


  • 1 time a day: 20 % efficiency;
  • 2 times a day: 35 % efficiency;
  • 3 times a day: 75 % efficiency;
  • 4 times a day: 95 % efficiency.



What changes when using Patakara

Patakara.eu - La extraordinaria historia de Patakara.

Depending on age and physiological characteristics, the Patakara method for toning the muscles of the face and neck offers the following cosmetic effects:


  • removal of face puffiness and swelling;
  • reduction or completely removal of expression lines;
  • smoothing of forehead wrinkles and nasal bridge;
  • lift of eyebrows;
  • “eye enlargement” effect by reducing eyelid swelling;
  • reduction of eyebags under and over the eyes;
  • removal or reduction of crow’s feet — a net of finest wrinkles in eye angles;
  • elevation and definition of cheekbones;
  • complete removal or considerable reduction of nasolabial folds (smile lines);
  • reduction or removal of lips lines (smoker’s or lipstick lines);
  • lift of lip corners;
  • lips augmentation and enhancement of their colour;
  • recovery of the facial oval;
  • reduction or removal of double chin (saggy or turkey neck);
  • redefinition of face shape;
  • correction of facial asymmetry: eyebrows, eyes, lips, jaw…;
  • neck lengthening, improvement of its shape and skin quality, reduction of the depth of transverse wrinkles;
  • improvement of skin texture, elasticity, smoothness and tone;
  • improvement of blood circulation and normalization of lymphatic drain;
  • recovery of muscle elasticity;
  • recovery of motion functions of mimic muscles;
  • improvement or completely normalization of facial muscles balance.


Surprisingly, these are not yet all miracles this simple trainer is able to do. Regardless of its initial purpose, the Patakara trainer has a positive impact on the whole body. Patakara exercises may even relieve sickness by normalizing the blood circulation, improve body oxygenation and tone face and neck muscles.


As a result, the following are also improved:


  • speech;
  • memory and focus;
  • psychological balance;
  • sleep;
  • condition of respiratory system;
  • organs of speech function;
  • face mobility in elderly people;
  • post-traumatic condition of facial muscles;
  • stable fixation of dentures.


And the following are reduced or disappear:


  • mouth breathing;
  • dry mouth;
  • sore throat and breath odor;
  • symptoms of paradontosis, bleeding gums;
  • chronic rhinitis;
  • snoring and nocturnal breath holding, up to complete elimination of sleep apnea;
  • jaw joint problem – crunch, painful mouth opening, etc.;
  • occipital rigidity;
  • periodic headaches, morning headaches;
  • consequences of Bell’s palsy, insult, facial neuritis;
  • speech disturbance (dysarthria).


Futhermore, by now, we know that Patakara relieves the following conditions:


  • arterial hypertension;
  • pancreatic diabetes;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • atopic dermatitis (eczema);
  • acne and other skin problems;
  • chronic constipations;
  • menopause symptoms;
  • enuresis.


And it is a very useful therapeutic device in cases of:


  • autism;
  • Alzheimer disease;
  • senility;
  • Down syndrome.

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