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My oldest daughter started to suck her thumb when she was born, second daughter was unable to sleep lying on her back and third daughter also sucks her thumb. In the end, what is the reason for thumb sucking? [Is it because of hunger? Is it because of lack of maternal love, so you feel insecure? Is it because of having snaggletooth. The more I look for the reasons, the more I feel uneasy.


When I unintentionally mentioned my problems to Dr. Akihiro, he said to me "Your children did not breast feed but used baby bottles to breast feed!" Then he gave me something and asked me to let my children try using it. After having had a look at it, I thought to myself what this thing can do to help. Despite still being somewhat doubtful, I installed the Chulip onto the bottle for my children to start having a try using it. At first, we did not seem to grasp the knack for using it. After they adapted to it, they drank big mouthfuls and whether they drink water or juice, I let them use Chulip (Patakara device) to drink from.


After 2 months of using it, their improvements continued and my second daughter who has continuously slept with her stomach facing downwards actually slept lying on her back. And since she can deep sleep, she does not even need to wear nappies at night. My oldest and third daughters no longer suck their thumbs probably because they nasal breathe. The frequency of them getting a cold and going to see the doctor has reduced substantially compared to previous years.


Chulip is a device for drinking water and at the same trains your muscles. It is extremely suitable for children to use, and myself, I use Patakara. Now, my whole family is maintaining our health through the use of these two devices.



According to the filming of the feta's examination photo 10 days before their births, the second daughter that was mentioned previously is in the process of sucking her thumb. 2 months after her birth, she started to suck her thumb again and she has not been able to change this habit for three years. Although her mother was worried that sucking her thumb would cause her to have snaggletooth, she was still unable to stop, having exhausted various methods.


According to investigation, there are many children who suck their thumbs while in their mothers' wombs. During check up, the gynecologist will also show the mothers photos of their babies sucking their thumbs and say to them encouragingly [Look, your child is sucking their thumb and training the muscles around their mouth while in your womb]. Yet, in regards to babies sucking their thumbs when they are born, whether medical or pediatric doctors, they tell the mothers that it is due to lack of maternal love or feeling insecure that they suck their thumbs.


This type of statement saying lack of maternal love or feeling insecure cannot be proved. However, after using Chulip or Tsugumi to enhance lip closing strength, their original position of sleeping with their stomachs facing downwards or sideways will naturally change to lying on their backs to sleep and at the same time their sucking of thumbs also disappeared. Therefore, with regard to babies sucking their thumbs, I believe that like what pediatric doctors say, it is a type of warning issued by our bodies towards hypoplasia of the muscles around our mouths.


The content of the letter of the mother who has used Chulip and Tsugumi (Patakara for baby) are the same, according to what Dr. Akihiro had explained before using it. When my child can sleep with her mouth closed, her sleeping position naturally changes to lying on her back to sleep. What is even more unbelievable is that having exhausted various methods and not being able to change the sucking of her thumb, she unexpectedly no longer sucks her thumb.


When children quarrel non-stop and cry non-stop, more and more parents let them suck on pacifiers. Some children will then have the habit of sucking their thumbs. These movements unconsciously create the deformation of the jaw teeth bones of children and dentition malalignment.

The thoughts of a mother of three who suck their thumbs




























Fetus will also suck their thumbs

























Before and after observation

of the mother who used

Chulip and Tsugumi





Sucking on pacifiers

and sucking on thumb affect bones and dentition

Thumb Sucking - before and after

Bad habit of sucking on thumb created snaggletooth and opening of front teeth

After using Patakara to increase lip closing strength, snaggletooth and opening of the front teeth improved