- The magic story behind the Patakarа trainer.

«This inspiring idea came up on an ordinary day, in a dental clinic. A patient who had previously suffered a stroke wanted to know whether there was a way to improve his facial paralysis. By that time, he had already undergone a six-month rehabilitation program. Unfortunately, his mouth has not completely recovered the normal state, and the patient decided to ask his dentist for help. The dentist was me.


Since I am a dentist, blood strokes and neurology are beyond my competence. As I was looking for a solution to the patient’s problem, an excellent idea came into my mind: I could try using my new mouth cavity inspection device to create the open-close effect. By stretching the orbicular muscle of the mouth and the facial muscles, we were able to see amazing results.


Before this happened, I had been just an unknown dentist, but after this patient’s visit and the use of the mouth expander, I unexpectedly discovered new opportunities to improve the oral cavity health. Since that day, I launched a research on the interconnection between the mouth and the other parts of the body. I have encountered many failures and problems, and was going to give up; however, I still decided to persistently continue my investigation, for the purpose of human health improvement and disease prevention. Ultimately, this led to the development of Patakara. The thing you are now holding in your hands is a result of an unexpected discovery and infinite passion toward the patients’ health problem solution”.


Dr. Akihiro Yoshiaki, the inventor of Patakara.

The magic story behind the Patakarа trainer


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