Con la ayuda del entrenador facial Patakara le será realmente posible rejuvenecer su apariencia varios años. Sólo 15 minutos al día son suficien

Results of Patakara exercises

With the Patakara face trainer, it is quite real to look a couple of years younger! 15 minutes a day is enough to achieve impressive results.


On this page, you can view photos and read stories of people who have successfully used the Patakara. We have broken them down by continents and further – by countries, as every nation has its special cosmetic pattern: skin color and density, light sensitivity, jaw shape, eye shape... For example, faces of Latin or oriental type, due to the thickness and elasticity of their skin, achieve visible results faster than others, but they should make efforts, too.


The list will be completed gradually, as soon as new photos are received from our users. Look, be amazed, admire!



Share your joy!

If you exercise with Patakara — please share your impressions with new users and with those who want to become a user. Report how comfortable the exercises are, how many times a day you exercise, why you have decided to use the Patakara, what do you want to accomplish, and what positive changes occur in the way you look and your overall health.


Don’t be shy!

We know that not everyone wants to demonstrate their achievements on the Internet. If you feel shy about showing your face completely, you can still send your photos to us. We will make our best efforts to preserve your anonymity — retouch your eyes, and place water marks all over the photo.




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