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Science and Patakara

My mother often told me that I have bad breath and I thought that it was caused by periodontal disease. However, after Dr Akihiro's diagnosis, I then knew that it was due to inflammation of the throat. Now when I think of it, maybe it was because I opened my mouth when sleeping.


When I get up in the morning, I feel that my throat hurts. Since then, when I get home from work every day, I use my time for watching T.V. and taking a shower to do the Patakara exercise for 10 minutes per day. About 1 month later, apart from not being told that I have bad breath, I do not even have to worry about acne and my gums bleeding. Now I am very happy every day.


After use, my condition of mouth split and snoring had improved. And my friends often say that I have become young. Apart from the change in my appearance, I also felt changes in my body. I exercise my muscles every day while using Patakara.

Ms I., 26 years old











Mr K., 39 years old


Stomatitis - before and after