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Elena, 68 y.o. Result after 53 and 269 days.


"The shape of the face looks more defined, skin tone has improved, my eyes opened up and became brighter, the puffiness disappeared."

Elena, 53 y.o. Result after 90 and 116 days.


«Due to lymph drain disorder caused by a lymphatic system disease, my face and body became very swollen: for example, I had bags over and under the eyes, cheek bones “ran”. When my health restored, the accumulated lymphatic fluid outflowed, but the skin of the face and neck sagged, as it had not received the required nutrition for two years due to blood supply disorder. The problem was especially noticeable in the lower part of the face: wrinkles, lines, folds, jowls, «turkey neck»… I was also very upset about sagged eyelids, slack skin, and dark pigment spots.


After two months of Patakara training, the skin of the lower face part, neck, upper and lower lids lifted, the cheek bone line was almost restored, skin spots were gone, the lip contour showed up, the face oval and the jaw line became clearer.  The skin became more elastic. Even my eyes became brighter, and their color – more intensive. And I am sure that the results will be even better soon! No doubt that the Patakara trainer became a really happy discovery for me, and allowed finding a simple and efficient solution of serious aesthetic problems».

Tomás, 44 y. o. Result after 54 days.


“Scleral look” is the lower eyelid extrophy (“round eyes”, “spaniel’s eyes”) which is due to the face anatomy and age-related changes. This is also a serious and frequent problem after the blepharoplasty: after the operation, the lower lid sinks, and a white strip appears between its edge and the iris, called “sclera”. It is quite easy to receive such a complication after a cosmetic surgery, but it is quite difficult to get rid of it. In my case, the defect was removed in 5 weeks, thanks to the Patakara trainer!

Lucila, 44 y.o. Result after 20 days.


Valeska, 44 y.o. Result after 30 days.


«Facial puffiness went down considerably, nasolabial folds got smooth, mouth corners became soft, eyebrows and top eyelids lifted, eyes “opened wide”, the face contour and the jaw line improved».

Yunna, 34 y.o. Result after 4 days.

Faina, 67 y.o. Result after 76 days.

Tanja, 33 y.o. Result after 93 and 152 days.


"Works like a magic! Thank you. I think I have never taken so many selfies as I do now. So interesting to observe everyday changes."


Larisa, 48 y.o. Result after 26 and 55 days.


«I had face asymmetry, strong lockjaw, and misaligned lips from childhood, especially when I was speaking. The spasm went away, thickened nodes on the mandibular arch went down, and my contour  finally became oval – before, it looked more like a square. My jaw joints do not crunch and almost do not hurt any more. The emerging double chin is almost gone. The face asymmetry became less noticeable. The skin color became lighter, many spots went away. Lips changed. The misalignment is almost gone, lips “stretched”, especially the upper part. Eyelids lifted slightly, eyes “opened wide”. Eyebrows look even more symmetric now. My forehead has lifted high. And my weight has not changed. I am very satisfied with my results, and I will continue exercising».

Elena, 47 y.o. Result after 92 days.

Elena, 36 y.o. Result after 157 and 210 days.


Anna, 40 y.o. Result after 37 and 101 days.


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