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Patakara also means love and gratitude for yourself and the surrounding world. When we are healthy, happy and satisfied with our look, we live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. In such moments, we can’t help but share our happiness from all out heart. And the world inside and around us will get kinder.


On this page, you can view numerous scientific research (in the English language only so far) as well as observations of the Patakara inventor and his team. Their long-lasting work has changed the people’s life for the better. Patients’ testimonials about recovery, positive changes in their general state, amazing aesthetic changes, their photos and comments are a convincing proof.


For everyone who wants to learn scientific facts and be assured of the Ptakara trainer efficiency through the examples of those who have used it around the world, this section will be not only interesting, but also quite informative.


We will also open the PatakaraWorld forum soon, where people from different countries will be able to share and exchange their personal experiences with the Patakara trainer, ask questions, acquaint themselves… We sincerely hope  that the resource will be useful.


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