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When I was first recommended Patakara, I had doubts about such an inconspicuous device and thought that I would definitely not be able to use it continuously. However, after using it for a period of time, the rhinitis that I suffered terribly from actually recovered. And since using Patakara, I no longer got colds. I used to always have to get up many times at night but now I get up once at most and sometimes I do not get up at all. I can sleep really well now. My face also seems to have become more firm. I very much look forward to seeing what my face looks like after continuous use. In addition, my condition of sore shoulders also improved. My body as a whole got better and better.


Patakara was able to cure my nasal blockage which I suffered for the last 30 years. I am a dentist located in Chiba, Japan. Since high school, I have been suffering from nasal blockage due to chronic nasal inflammation. Although I had undergone three surgeries, my nasal blockage was still not completely cured. This was when I found out about an apparatus in the industry that was able to solve irregular teeth alignment.


As a result, I attended a information seminar about Patakara, the information seminar not only demonstrated that Patakara was able to solve irregular teeth alignment, evidence also showed that it proved effective to cure oral breathing, and prevent colds etc.


The seminar also explained the use of Patakara for training mimetic muscles, and enlarge the nasal cavity to clear the nose. This made me thought of my own nasal blockage. Afterwards, I began using Patakara while doing exercise, and later I found that my nose has cleared. From this, I believe that it is due to the enlargement of the nasal cavity by activating the surrounding muscles that resulted in the unblocking of the nasal cavity.

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Nasal Blockage Recovery

Dr. Mikioharada

Nasal Blockage and Rhinitis - before and after