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The user shall utilize the functionalities and/or services provided by the Owner via the subject to the provisions of law, this Legal Notice, special terms published for certain services, and other notices and manuals made available to them, as well as according to general moral standards and public order.


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To access the information contained in, and to use the services offered on the website, minors shall have received a permit from their parents, guardians or representatives.


The persons being guardians of minors shall be liable for the minors’ decision to access the content and the services. As it is possible to access via Internet any content which might be inappropriate for minors, users are notified that there are special programs limiting or controlling the content accessible by minors.


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The above shall not apply to any services for which a use agreement is provided via the website, and to which the access is limited by special terms published by the Owner and accepted by the user.


To the extent permitted by law, the Owner disclaims any liability for damage or loss which is or might be incurred in the future due to technical defects of any kind, in connection with the use of any information and materials contained in the site. The links and hypertexts which, through the website, give access to any service provided by a third party, are not owned or controlled by the Owner; therefore, it disclaims any liability for information contained therein, or for any consequences of such information.


The Owner disclaims the liability for failure by the user to comply with any rule when accessing the website and/or when using information contained on the site. The Owner also disclaims liability for any illegal use by third parties of any brand or product name, registered trade mark, or those appearing on the website but not owned by the Owner.


The Owner does not guarantee continuous operation and usability of the website; however, it will, whenever possible, notify in advance any website malfunction of which it might be aware.


The Owner does not control and does not guarantee the absence of viruses or any other elements in any services provided by third parties and accessed by the user via the website in case they cause malfunction of or disorder in your soft- or hardware, documents or files in its information system.



Data owners shall have the right of access, amendment, cancellation and objection, as provided by the Spanish Organic act 15/1999 dated December, 13 “On personal data security” and its applicable by-laws


The website content shall be governed by the Spanish law. Jurisdiction of competent courts of Spain shall apply.

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