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Science and Patakara

Infants - before and after

Before use (1 year 2 months old)

Has nasal blockage, dry skin, oral breathing and coughing.

Before use (1 year 7 months old)

Sucks her thumb when sleeping.

Before use (4 months old)

Adapted to new milk bottle on 4th day, snores when sleeping at night.

Before use (1 year and a half old)

Has oral breathing, snoring, bad breath problems.

Before use (11 months old)

Sleeps facing down, wakes up easily, drools, has atopic dermatitis.

12 days after use

Mouth is closed and no longer has nasal blockage or coughs.

12 days after use

From the 7 day onward, no longer grabs her towel nor sucks ther thumb while sleeping.

13 days after use

Still snores when mouth is closed on the 8th day, no longer snores on the 13th day.

10 days after use

No longer sucks his thumb, can close his mouth while sleeping and sleep sideways. Condition of inflammation and swelling of tonsils also improved after 1 month.

14 days after use

Sleeps lying on back, reduction in frecuency of waking up in the middle of the night, improvement in mouth being closed and atopic dermatitis.