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Science and Patakara

Patakara for Children


Please measure the distance between the left and right corners of the mouth:

When the distance is less than 3cm, please choose Patakara for Children.

For distance greater than 3cm, please choose Patakara Premium.

Patakara Premium


Patakara Premium for Adults and older children.

Patakara Premium is the newest and most comfortable version of Patakara. It's improved design allows for increased effectiveness. In comparison to the previous Patakara products, it is far superior in providing facial muscle stimulation.

Fit-Pull Powerup Tool


To enhance your Patakara exercise experience, please use Fit-Pull. Fit-Pull can fixate your facial muscles to help ensure the stimulation of the muscles when doing Patakara facial training. It has been demonstrated that the magnitude of muscle stimulation is significantly higher when using Fit-Pull than without using Fit-Pull.


How To Choose The Right Patakara For You?