Patakara - Health, beauty and youth are lasting values.

Fifty seven muscles make your face unique. Its outline and look depend directly on facial muscles tone. Therefore, the face, like the body, needs movement and training. But it is difficult to treat every muscle of the face individually. That is why a targeted comprehensive approach is of special importance.


With aging, facial muscles are subject to hypertonicity, which means increased tone of the muscles, as compared to their natural physiological state. This is a pathological process which leads to deteriorated blood circulation, thus favoring the formation of wrinkles and lines as well as loss of symmetry and contour. As a result, the facial features begin to sag gradually.


But muscles have no age as muscle cells are being constantly renewed. Our body is designed in such a way that muscle rehabilitation is possible at any age. Anyone is able to fight against hypertonicity and change the appearance of one’s body, face and neck by means of fitness sculpturing. The amazing device invented by Dr. Akihiro Yoshiaki, a Japanese doctor, will help to achieve even greater success. The safe and painless method counteracts the aging process and ensures a long-lasting and sustainable effect which otherwise could have only been achieved surgically.


Patakara is a training device for natural toning of face and neck muscles. The physiological counteraction allows achieving aesthetic changes without invasive intervention. This easy-to-use small trainer is an innovative product in the world market, and it guarantees good health, cosmetic effect and cheerful mood in only fifteen minutes a day.

Health, beauty and youth are lasting values