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Science and Patakara

The (y) to the left of the graph in above figure represent lip closing strength, the following text (X) represent time. The above figure shows that with the use of Patakara time increased and lip closing strength also gradually increased. When lip closing strength maintains steadily at a certain intensity, improvement also appears.

Multiple cerebral infarction, right brain stem, cerebellum, bridge infarction, paralysis on left upper and lower limb.


Original Disease Files: high blood pressure.


Circumstances in increase of lip closing strength and oral function, changes in symptoms:


First Visit: corner of the mouth on left side droops, drools, coughs, dysarthria, chewing disorder, sticky saliva, snores, mouth open when sleeping.


After 1 month: Very poor oral hygiene condition. In particular, tooth decay was discovered on the left side. Periodontal disease. Actively carries out rehabilitation tasks.


After 2 months: Increased hardness to harder training device. Appearing of sign for improvement in swallowing function. Enhances food type.


After 3 months: Eating food types include from crumbled bread + porridge, jelly-like, change to porridge + soft vegetables, feels that lip closing strength has increased, carries out exercise tasks more actively.


After 4 months: Does not use Patakara sometimes due to health condition, pronunciation became clear, drooling amount also reduced.


After 5 months: Paralysis on the side (left side) of the tongue can exercise smoothly. Apparent improvement in dysarthria. Reduced dry lips. Sticky saliva condition slightly improved.


After 6 months: Able to smile. Can also express own emotions and time for opening and closing movement is extended. Starts fixed training every day, gradually increases doing 2 sets of movements every time.


After 7 months: Installs strength strip onto device, breathes orally from time to time while sleeping due to health condition.


After 8 months: Pronunciation became much better, and is easily understandable. Drooling condition is practically treated.


After 9 months: Reduced level of snoring.


After 10 months: Chewing strength increased significantly.


After 12 months: Facial muscles become firm, corner of the mouth on the left side has gone slightly upwards. No drooling at all.

English translation from Japanese experiment

74 year old Male

Dysphagia - before and after