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Science and Patakara

Mrs. Sanae Tsutano, mother of boy (Daichi) with down syndrome, Nagoya, Japan.

Progress of a Down Syndrome Child using Patakara

Down Syndrome - before and after

October 2000

He was born with down syndrome. Weight 2,740g (6.04 lbs). It was found that he had a hole in his heart (ASD) and had an operation when he was 8 months old.

October 2004

Started Patakara exercise. For the first 2 weeks, he could not exercise well with the device. One month later, he could use the device and exercise properly by himself.

After using Patakara for 1 month.

Feburary 2005

Expand capability with his mother's help. He could carry out what he could not manage before. Could listen to what people say and took action accordingly.


May 2005

Sometimes slept facing up (not sleeping sideways). Started etching pictures finely such as human face when he had the chance to make a drawing.


"Our true goal is to help down syndrome children go to normal school like others who had achieved it. There is hope for every child."


July 2005

Could start reading characters (Japanese syllabary: hiragana). He is able to pedal up a rapid sloping road and manage to pass thorough obstacles smoothly, even when it is very narrow for someone to get through.

August 2005

Could keep the rhythm to play a drum.


Oct. 2005

Beginning of understanding mathematics was previously difficult for him. Could understand numeric characters 1~10 only. Started reading a book.


Jan. 2006

Increased duration of facing the ceiling substantially during sleep.


Apr. 2006

Became skillful enough with his fingers to manage small manual operation. Started writing characters (Japanese syllabary: hiragana) and his name as well. He started to manage mathematics that was previously difficult for him. He was admitted to normal primary school in Nagoya, Japan. He is studying there.


"Patakara supports your child with a simple device to strengthen facial expressive muscles to become a nasal breather for good health. It increases cerebral blood flow to create new born synapses for the transformation of mental level and capability."

















Patakara suitable for Children

August 2005

Could keep the rhythm to play a drum.