We like good journalists writing about us or being given an opportunity to say a few words. We will be pleased to tell you about this amazing Japanese invention, Patakara, will share secrets and stories from our experience. We equally appreciate cooperation with major media, and with smaller local newspapers.


If you are a popular blogger who has kept your blog for a long time and on a regular basis, if you write about exciting things, and you have established loyal audience, if your blog gets 3000+ visitors daily, than… we have an offer for you!


In exchange for an individual and detailed publication about our project covering the unique quality of our product and service, we will send one Patakara Premium Set to you free of charge. All you have to do is to try the Patakara trainer on yourself and share your opinion with the audience, telling them about the functionalities of this device, your experience with it, and your excellent results. You will experience the incredible efficiency of Patakara, and your followers will learn about the innovative method of health improvement and rejuvenation. We are pleased to share this wonderful device, and we like it when people write about it.


What should you do if you have not got your own popular blog? Tell about the project to those who have, which will still be beneficial.


If you want to obtain more specific/individual information about Patakara, you can count on us– we will do our best to supply you with everything you requested.


The Patakara.eu project does its best to ensure that the word about facial muscle trainer, Patakara, spreads far and wide. If you want to sell our product in your local market, welcome to our team!


Patakara products are not expensive or cheap. Their performance/quality/price ratio is optimal.


Good ideas are vital, fascinating and promising. We are not able to produce all of them by ourselves, but we are read by thousands of interesting and creative people. Therefore, if you have an idea which would fit our project, we will listen to you with all our attention and appreciation!





















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