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No, it is for use during the day while you are awake to increase activity of the facial and mouth muscles. This will result in the mouth remaining closed during sleep.


Yes it can. If the orthodontic apparatus is set on the outer surface of the teeth, pull slightly on the cord of the oral strength trainer device while keeping the mouth closed. Dentists are known to use oral strength training devices on patients after orthodontic treatment.


This is normal - salivary flow varies between individuals. Saliva production is good as it has a cleaning and anti-bacterial functions in the oral cavity. The amount of salivation gradually reduces over time. Do not use with the head down low.


No. From initial use, it may become more apparent at first but without leaving marks. With muscle stretching, skin tension lines will gradually reduce.


No. Extending the time of each use will only result in muscle fatigue without better results. It is better to increase the frequency of use daily to obtain positive results sooner.


Please pull on the cord of the device while the mouth is closed. If your usage results in discomfort and injury (broken skin etc), please stop usage temporarily to allow recovery and prevent development of chronic oral problems.


Due to the nature of the material, various things like food, coffee, tea, etc. may stain the device. However, if general cleaning methods are followed, discolouration of the device will not result in health issues. You may continue usage.


No, DO NOT clean with bleach. Rinsing with fresh water is normally enough for cleaning. Use denture washing liquids for a more thorough clean. Please refer to the manual for further details.


Yes. If dentures are worn normally but not worn during use of the device, the person may result in using the gums to bite on the device instead of using the lips. Therefore, please wear dentures before use.


The instruction manual recommends usage for 6-12 months before replacement. This is also dependant on the amount of use. It is normal to use more than one year for general use.


When muscle strength is insufficient, pulling on the cord will result in pulling the device out of the mouth. Start with the basic exercise of closing the lips with the device in for 3 minutes. After that can be easily achieved, then proceed with exercises using the cord.


To avoid having the device colliding and removing the dentures, be sure to pull the cord slightly forwards, while keeping the mouth closed.


Clean with tap water and keep in a dry place, ideally in the container in the original packaging. A denture cleaning solution can also be used for more cleaning. Do not use bleach, hot water or detergents. Refer to the manual for further details.


No. Only by continuously keeping the mouth closed will there be deep stretching of the muscles. Pay attention not to open and close the mouth.


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