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Due to my husband's sequela of cerebral hemorrhage, the right side of his face and body became numb and he must have nursing care at all times. So his rehabilitation is first priority and he started to do Patakara exercise. After 1 month, the muscles around his mouth had more elasticity and apart from a lot of improvement in his drooling, the slanting of his face also improved. 6 months later, he can lift his right hand and open his palm. Now, he can go to karaoke and his next goal is to go back to work. My husband and I both have the confidence to achieve it, so we will work hard and continue to work on it.


Four years ago, I suddenly lost consciousness when I was returning home. I found out later that this was due to a stroke. As a result of the stroke, I was rendered unable to speak, diagnosed with poor vision, rapid aging of facial muscles, hypersalivation as well as eating and communication difficulties.


The stroke had caused a cerebral hemorrhage in the centre of my brain, meaning surgery was not possible. Treatment through medicine was still possible but the appointed doctor told me that rehabilitation was unnecessary as it would not help. However, I was not ready to give up in face of these challenges. I have always believed that if you have the will then there is always a way, therefore I undertook rehabilitation.


At the beginning, I had found the rehabilitation process difficult both psychologically and physically. After 6 months, I had managed to walk. There were also signs of improvement in my vision and basic hand functions. During that time, I still had difficulty consuming food and speaking which was a continued frustration. However, I still kept moving forward with the rehabilitation program. Shortly afterwards, I visited a dental clinic where the dentist introduced me to Patakara exercise after discovering my condition. As I wanted to recover from my stroke condition, I was open to try all possibilities.

Stroke Recovery 1

Mrs S., 40 years old








Stroke Recovery 2

Mr. Kobayashi, 61 years old

Brain Stroke Sequelae - before and after

Initially, I used Patakara twice a day for 2 minutes after breakfast and dinner. The Patakara exercise included lip strength exercise combined with facial exercise. This was quite painful at first due to friction of the gums but the experience improved in just a few days of continuous use. In the early stages of Patakara exercise, I experienced aches in the facial muscles but after 1 month of continuous use, the pain had reduced considerably. After the first month of Patakara exercise, I was still unable to speak clearly and so I increased the frequency of exercise.


After a longer period of continuous Patakara exercise, my speaking ability began to improve and pronunciation became clearer. My dentist also reported that my facial muscles were recovering, which resulted in the improvement of my facial structure. I am very glad I had my life back to normal before the stroke. I believe this was largely due to the continued practice of Patakara exercise.


Nowadays, I have no more problems and I would like to thank the dentist who introduced Patakara to me, as well as my family for their strong support during that difficult period of my life. I sincerely and strongly recommend people to use this amazing product.


On the March 4th, 2009, I suffered from a stroke and was admitted to the Logan hospital for three weeks. I also suffered weakness down the left side of my body, which cased a slight Speech Impedmiment and limited movment in my left hand, arm and left leg.


I then attended rehabilitation at the community integrated Rehabilitation centre in Logan, twice a week for 8 weeks.


I was to use the Lip trainer Patakara by placing it in my mouth, between my lip and teeth and pull it from side to side, and up and down for 20 minutes. After a short break I was to repeat the process for another 15 minutes.


After 2 months of using the Lip trainer Patakara there has been so much improvment with my speech and movement, that I believe that the Lip trainer Patakra has helped me immensely.

I try to use the Lip trainer Patakara everyday.


Thank you.


Gerard Bray

September 22, 2009, Brisbane, Australia





















Stroke Recovery 3

Mr. Bray

 My name is G. Bray,

born June 22, 1954

Mr Bray after using Patakara